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Shrimps, Scampis, Rock lobsters, Slipper lobsters, Canadian lobsters, Crabs.


Shrimps : Black Tiger seacatch or naturally farmed in Ca Mau area, white shrimps farmed ASC certified or various other species seacatch subject arrivals.


Scampis « Langoustines »: Fresh or Frozen from Nha Trang area.


Rock lobsters: from VN. Alive and frozen : green (small sizes) or pink (big sizes).


Slipper lobsters : from VN. Alive or frozen : mainly small sizes.


Canadian lobsters: Alive, fresh cooked or frozen cooked/raw peeled.


Crabs alive or frozen: Mud crabs from Ca Mau, Blue Swimming crabs VN, Dungeness crabs Canada, French « Tourteaux »


And many other ones! All products subject catch and arrivals.

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